Speaking Topics:

  • Restoration & Healing – physically, emotionally, or spiritually
  • Faithfulness & Goodness of God
  • Salvation
  • Deliverance
  • Single Parenting
  • Foster/Adoptive Parenting
  • Prayer

More about Jennie…

Jennie Puleo considers her most important title to be ‘mother.’ It’s always been her dream job. She considers it an honor to be called “Natalia’s mom.” Fostering and adoption has been on her heart for years and recently more children have been filling her home again. Other titles Jennie currently holds are registered nurse, executive assistant, international speaker, and President of Live Restored, Inc.    

Jen has always had a deep love for the Lord and her desire to serve and obey Him has carried her through so many of life’s chaotic circumstances. The loss of children, abandonment of spouse, chronic illness, multiple surgeries; there are so many times and places where God has met her in the middle of a storm! It is now her passion and purpose to share all God has done in and through her by speaking and writing…and on occasion sharing God’s love with a random stranger at a grocery store or in a doctor’s office.    

She currently lives with her daughter, Natalia, and two sweet kitties, Ebony and Padme’, just outside Charlotte, North Carolina. Jennie and Talia are often seen exploring historical sites or museums and making their own adventures in the world around them. They both love to travel and, as Jennie’s self-proclaimed personal assistant, Talia enjoys traveling with Jennie as she speaks throughout the country and abroad. They have seen God provide for them in miraculous ways over the past six years and are eager to tell someone about the goodness of God.

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